Site 41 Symposium

The beginning of the end for landfills?

The Site 41 Symposium was hosted by the Centre of Environment and Sustainability, University of Western Ontario, together with the Elmvale Foundation, September, 2010.

The Site 41 landfill project in Simcoe County was selected by engineers because of its hydrological features. These same factors raised concerns among the public about possible impacts on water quality. Mounting opposition eventually closed the construction down. The Symposium explored the lessons learned from the scientific, technical, and social perspectives from both "sides" of the debate. The controversy raised the question - how to manage our "waste" while protecting our air, soil, and water resources for future generations.

Site 41 Symposium Videos

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I am the President of the Elmvale Foundation, a Canadian, federally registered charity for environmental science education which I created in 2007. The main public education initiative of this Foundation is the Elmvale Water Festival which uses the water emanating from artesian springs in the Elmvale area as a tool for environmental education.

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