Current Research Projects

Current and Recent Research Projects

William Shotyk, Jon Fennell, Jon Martin, Mark Poesch, and Tariq Siddique. Natural and Anthropogenic Inputs to the Lower Athabasca River, and their ecological significance. Alberta Innovates, Energy and Environmental Solutions and the Canadian Oil Sands Industry Alliance (COSIA).

William Shotyk, Jonathan Martin, and Steve Larter. Atmospheric Deposition of Organic Contaminants in NE Alberta: Background Values and Industrial Contributions of the Past 60 years. Alberta Innovates, Energy and Environmental Solutions.

William Shotyk Atmospheric Metal Deposition in NE Alberta: Background Values and Industrial Contributions of the Past 60 years. Alberta Innovates, Energy and Environmental Solutions.

William Shotyk. The SWAMP Lab. Canada Foundation of Innovation. Infrastructure funding for lab instrumentation including Element2 XR SF-ICP-MS, Post Nova metal-free Flow-Field Flow Fractionation instrumentation (complete), MLS ultraclave high pressure microwave digestor, MLS Duopur acid distillation unit, MLS Trace Clean unit, Malvern laser particle counter, and three Canberra ultralow background gamma spectrometers.

Current Research

My main research areas are human impacts on the geochemical cycles of potentially toxic trace elements, including archives of atmospheric change (peat bogs and polar ice cores), fate in soils and sediments, and impacts on natural freshwaters. Read more ...


The SWAMP lab is concerned with environmental quality in its broadest sense: the quality of our soil resources, the water we drink, the air we breathe, and the food we eat. The research lab is a unique state-of-the-art, metal-free, clean-lab and analytical facility. Read more ...


I am the President of the Elmvale Foundation, a Canadian, federally registered charity for environmental science education which I created in 2007. The main public education initiative of this Foundation is the Elmvale Water Festival which uses the water emanating from artesian springs in the Elmvale area as a tool for environmental education.

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