Alberta Endangered Species Conservation Committee – Chair of the Scientific Subcommittee 
Alberta Forest Regeneration Standards Science Council – Member (Ministerial Appointment)
Alberta Caribou Recovery Team & Alberta Caribou Committee – Academic Advisor 
Avian Ecology and Conservation – Editorial Board 
Canadian Boreal Forest Agreement – Senior Scientific Advisor and Chair, Science Committee
Canadian Boreal Initiative – Senior Scientific Advisor
Environment Canada Boreal Caribou Critical Habitat Review – Senior Scientific Advisor
George C Metcalf Foundation – Environmental Program Advisor
Government of the Northwest Territories – Scientific Advisor
Landscape Ecology – Editorial Board 
NAFTA Commission on Environmental Cooperation – Senior Scientific Advisor 
Ontario Far North Science Panel – Member (Ministerial Appointment)
Society for Conservation Biology – Board of Directors 
Sustainable Forest Management Network – Research Leader, Biodiversity & Integrated Resource Mgmt

Scientific Advisor for the Boreal Conservation Initiative
Leader of the BEACONs project – Boreal Ecosystems Analysis for Conservation Networks.
Member of the Adaptive Management Experiment Team (AME)
Vice-Chair of the Elk Island National Park Scientific Advisory Committee (EINP)
Member of the Scientific Subcommitte of the Alberta Endangered Species Conservation Committee.
Science representative on the University of Alberta Press Editorial Committee
Member of the Alberta Regeneration Standards Science Council
Member of the Northern Policy Committee of the Canadian Circumpolar Institute