Northern ENCS Program

Program Description

In collaboration with the University of Alberta (U of A), Yukon College (YC) offers years three and four of a Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) degree in Northern Environmental and Conservation Sciences (ENCS), with a major in Northern Systems.  The Northern ENCS curriculum offered at YC integrates natural and social sciences as related to issues such as wildlife conservation, land use, resource management under modern treaties, energy, and global climate change, and includes significant northern and aboriginal studies content, reflecting the local environmental, economic, and social context. The program provides students with the knowledge and skills to understand environmental conditions and evaluate impacts on plants, soils, water and animals. The structure and function of ecosystems are explored as students learn to develop, assess and implement conservation and restoration measures for natural and managed ecosystems.Add Content…

Program Delivery

Coursework is completed at YC, taught by U of A and YC faculty. Students may also choose to spend some of their third or fourth years taking courses at the U of A campus in Edmonton. Students from Edmonton may also complete part of their program in Whitehorse


Admission Requirements

Students complete up to two years (60 credits) of transferable coursework in a science-based diploma program at Yukon College (such as Northern Science-ENCS Stream, or Renewable Resources Management) or at another institution before applying to transfer into the University of Alberta B.Sc. ENCS program for years three and four.


Students planning to apply to transfer to the ENCS Program from a diploma program at Yukon College should complete a minimum of 24 credits (8 courses) from the core and/or elective courses listed in the attached Recommended Courses document:  Recommended Courses for 1st and 2nd Year Students Interested in the BSc/ENCS.pdf    Students applying from other post-secondary institutions should contact the ENCS Program Advisors at about transfer credit options.