Dr. Tariq Siddique – Soil Chemistry -Environmental Microbiology

  1. Dr. Gloria Okpala. Department of Renewable Resources, University of Alberta. Biodegradation of hydrocarbons under different redox conditions. Supervised 2018/01 to date.
  2. Dr. Deepak Pudasainee. Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering, University of Alberta. Demetallization of bitumen using supercritical carbon dioxide and water. Co-supervised 2017/11-2018/04.
  3. Dr. Muhammad Arshad. Department of Agricultural, Food, and Nutritional Sciences, University of Alberta. Synthesis and development of biopolymers for environmental remediation. Co-supervised 2015/9 – 2017/12.
  4. Dr. Nidal Abu Laban. Department of Biological Sciences, University of Alberta. Biodegradation of cycloalkanes in oil sands tailings. Co-supervised 2013/4 – 2014/8.