Titanium Tools

Titanium Sampling Tools and Related Equipment Designed and Constructed by Tommy Nørenberg

Tommy Nørenberg has been designing and constructing sampling tools and equipment for our team, of exceptional quality and reliability, using titanium.

These tools have been used for collecting peat cores from bogs (modified Wardenaar and Belarus-type samplers), frozen peat from the Arctic (modified SIPRE-type corer) as well as soils and snow. Tweezers made of titanium were constructed for handling ice cores in the clean lab.

Recent equipment made for us by Tommy includes the valves and adapters for our groundwater research wells, the first installed in May of 2009 in stainless steel and the second installed in September of 2009 in high density polyethylene, HDPE. Tommy also built the metal-free clean air cabinets which protect these wells.

Finally, Tommy built the valve for our third groundwater research well, EGO-3 (May 2012), in surgical stainless steel. Tommy also designed, constructed, and installed a new laminar flow clean air cabinet for Mr. Stephen Ogden who constructed the beautiful, functional cabin to house the laminar flow cabinet.